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“It was always my desire to put one book in each section of the library and to own a publishing company that would guide new literary minds for the next century.”  – Patricc

At a very early age Patricc Fortiori read every book he could get his hands on.  He held the district title in book reports in all three years of middle school that continued in high school and college.  Now, a prolific writer, researcher and enthusiast in art, history and language his current concentration is capturing the human condition combined with issues of justice, freedom and spirituality.

Patricc’s 2015 debut memoir, The February Triumph charts the course of depression alongside the ill-fated 2013 Carnival Triumph disaster.

From 2012 to 2017 Patricc restored and digitized the archives of former U.S. Congressman George Thomas ‘Mickey’ Leland, and continues to expand the new digital narrative Leland.

Patricc is also a graduate of Texas Southern University and is a strong community advocate against poverty and the inequalities of education and society.

2023 Research Report for UTMB Casualties of The Womb: An evidence based comparison of best practices in reducing Maternal Mortality within Women of Color in The State of Texas and Sub-Saharan Africa

2023 Casualities of the Womb pf

He lives and writes in Austin, Texas

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