The Invitation To Artists: is also a place where the Literary Meets the Canvas.

I want to create a new venue for artist to showcase their masterpieces creating a bridge between literary and traditional art.

Based in part on my literary work, artist and their artwork will be hosted here in a gallery dedicated to the artist and my novels.   As an artist, your interpretation and creation is entirely at your discretion.  Whether paint, pencil or pixel your artistic translation will remain uniquely you and represent your skill and passion as an artist.  The art is yours and so are the accolades, comments and profit.  The online gallery exhibition will be this Fall of  2022.  This gallery will sit alongside a growing literary based art gallery.

You are also invited to send me any art inspired or based on published or unpublished literary work you admired.

Visual art can be both complex and simple, but with either interpretation it is beautiful and does more than exists as an exhibit for sight.  Art has a voice that speaks, it has a touch that is felt.   Art has a scent and emotions that leave the canvas much like literary art it leaves the page.

Art is as unique as the individual.  This is true for my novels (literary art) and your traditional art.

I love art and I love all forms of artistic expression beginning with visual art based on books, or other literary work, and I want to inspire you to create your visual work of art inspired by any aspect of my novels.  That art I will display online in  a Novellarts gallery.  The gallery will be open to online critique and top submissions will travel with me to publication.

Your art will convey your interpretation of my novels and become a focal point of discussion for your skill, you as an artist and for my novels.

Here are the brief guidelines for your submission:

1) All submissions must be created and dated after you have registered, purchased and read at least one of the three fiction novels or  the memoir

The February Triumph (memoir), The 44th Amendment: The American Way (2024) La Razza Di Trenta Nove: The Race of 1939 (2023) by Patricc Fortiori.  Art subject matter may include any aspect of the artist’s translation or interpretation of a single novel, the compilation of the novels or the author.

2) Art submissions are restricted to traditional 2 dimensional art on a flat canvas.  For example: drawings, paintings and sketches in oil or water based paints, pencil, ink, and charcoal are included.   All forms of digital art including CGI, anime and manga  are welcome.

**Mixed media photography and digitally created art are included but at least one sample must be printed prior to submission.

3) When produced, the canvas for your art should be no smaller than 8 inches by 10 inches and no larger than 63 inches by 63 inches.

4) Art submissions hosted on the gallery will include a brief bio of the artist,  a short description of the art work and its creation and a link to the artist’s website.

For more request a Submission Registration Form.  If any questions please use the Contact me form or email me

**Mixed media photography art must contain some element (at least 50%) of traditional art or digital art in the post production process.


2023   Paper to Canvas  Contest

Take a close look at the painting in the frame.

What widely published literary work is this painting inspired by?

The winner of my Paper to Canvas Contest will receive a $100 gift certificate for the purchase of one published novel & its corresponding e-book from

You must submit ALL of the following information correctly via the Contact Page or by email:

Name of literary work (if applicable the exact series, section, chapter or book title):

Author of the literary work:

Year of publication:

Name of the art work:

Name of the artist producing the art work:

**contest is valid until winner is announced here

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