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LA RAZZA DI TRENTA NOVE – The Race of 1939

RELEASED DATE:  Now Available   (2023)

La Razza Di Trenta Nove: The Race of 1939 is Part 1 of 3 titles in the Fiction Series and falls into category of Historical Fiction.

It is an epic adventure written with strong visual imagery tracing the lives of several international iconic figures in their struggle for power, fame, money and love in the gritty early years of automobile racing in the United States and Italy prior to World War II.  Another race is also started, a race to determine who will develop the atomic bomb first and have its power.

ISBN: 978-0-9963261-4-4 (e-book)  2023 (available exclusively on Amazon)

ISBN: 978-0-9963261-1-7 (print)  2022 (special print edition)

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La Razza di Trenta Nove is an epic adventure written with strong visual imagery tracing the lives of several international iconic figures in their struggle for power, fame, money and love in the gritty early years of automobile racing in the United States and Italy prior to World War II.  La Razza follows the fate of 22-year old Michael Streets, the U.S. box car racing champion that has abandoned his father’s fourth generation Oklahoma farm, as it fails to desert conditions spreading across the country, to take his place in the first high stakes international race in 1939.

This is the race of the century.  A race against time for two brilliant German engineers fearing the grip of Nazi control as they discover the possibilities of new atomic energy.  A race for power and prestige for the first woman to race.  A race for independence for a Muslim trapped by tradition.

You will also meet and never forget Cynthia Garrison the daughter of an American tycoon who bought her way into the race.  The Russian ‘Boltz’ who smells  of vodka and petrol.   And Niccolo Giangele, the  legendary Italian and architect of La Razza Di Trenta Nove who must stop an advancing Nazi Germany armada by sacrificing the race with the words:

“Angels exist that guard the gates of heaven and although they may not  enter they stop all those who must not!”

One of those that must not is the Kommandant who defends the Nazi party with a ruthless brutality.

As a student of history, anthropology and literature I have taken great care in creating a classically poignant novel in a quickly moving prose that will propel readers into the grasp of a past era where people are remarkably similar to cultural icons today in their confrontational quest for identity and purpose.

How will American racer Michael Streets and the Italian Niccolo Giangele stop the Nazi’s?

What secret is the German engineer hiding?

What’s in the future for the first American woman racer and her Arab suitor?

At the 70 year anniversary of WWII a strong market exist for my novel as the past year has shown a tremendous increase in World War II era stories such as Miracle at St. Anna, Defiance, Valkyrie and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  La Razza di Trenta Nove: The Race of 1939 takes that year into a new unexplored and capturing storyline with vibrant characters, the speed and excitement of racing and the quickly moving prose that strongly appeals to young adult fiction readers and the historical attraction of WWII for adult fiction readers.



Novel specific questions are listed below.  Also see the authors FAQ.
Q-Why the title “La Razza di Trenta Nove”?
A-This is The Race of 39 (1939).  The Race of 1939 is the central event that brings the Michael Streets together with the Italians.  The race itself is the brainchild of the Italian race legend Niccolo Giangele and it takes place in Italy.  There are a number of different ‘races’ occurring in the story. 
Q-Is this a holocaust story?[From reading the excerpt]?
A-Not primarily, but the placement of the Krystalnaught story is appropriate and integral to the establishing the villainy of the German Kommandant.  No pre-World War II epic would be complete without a poignant annotation of the Nazi role and Jewish fates.  EVERYTIME I read it, brings tears to my eyes.
Q-Who was your favorite character to write for?
A-It would have to be the Russian Engineer and Racer Truno Bolintsky.  He is the classic Bolshevik figure with a rounded belly and Van Gogh beard but is less ideological and more liberal which created a light-hearted gentle industrialist that I could use to some extent as comic relief.
Q-Who or what was the most difficult character or section to write?
A-The villain in this novel is particularly devoid of normal human connections with no excuse.  I felt a compelling need to state why he was, but finally settled on he was.  Krystalnaught chokes me up, and when Michael is first introduced is tough also.
Q-Who wins the race?
A-LOL!  That I cannot reveal here.
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  1. Are you able to provide an updated release date for La Razza Di Trenta Nove? The release date states June 2020 and I don’t see it available yet.

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