February 2016

February 2016 The Second Inspiration.  (Last month I announced the first of two inspirations for La Razza Di Trenta Nove.)

As another war was eminent in Europe, the United States was recovering from a financial disaster and dust bowl famine.  In response to these tensions the U.S. geared up its industrial and technology sectors in an effort to save the country from internal and external collapse.  These actions ultimately revived the economy, increased the U.S. GDP, funded new ideas in research and built the most powerful military force on the planet, but it was not without consequences to individuals. The United States raced against time as the axis of evil continued to expand as Germany and Japan showed no sign of giving in, until a new technology entered the scene.

Battle of The Races is inspired by “Batter My Heart” from John Adams Dr. Atomic.  This breath taking aria performed in baritone reveals the personal conflict Oppenheimer struggled with in the rush to create the first atomic bomb.  The ultra fast moving duo competitive scherzo is the essence of the Battle of The Races and in the ending pages of La Razza Di Trenta Nove it kept me in the surprising and climatic ending.  I was excited about translating Adam’s theme and energy from this section of his libretto into my story.   I highly recommend you experience both of these inspirations.

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