March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016 New Release La Razza Di Trenta Nove

On March 25th my fast moving and highly visual historical fiction novel will be available.  As that day approaches I am releasing more details on the technical aspects of publishing a novel of this size and scope.  My previous posts revealed two very important inspirations for La Razza Di Trenta Nove.  Please read them.

Although there is no solid precedent for having a Table of Contents or Chapter listing in a fiction novel, I have embraced having an index beyond the simple enumeration in the front of the book.  A good index grabs the reader’s attention with an a la carte styled selection to browse conveying the excitement that guides you into the first words on the first page.

i    Milan, 1938.  The vision of Niccolò Giangele

ii    Oklahoma, USA. Michael Streets and the box car races

iii    Berlin and The Kommandant

iv    La Razza Di Trenta Nove

v    Michael Dreams Big

vi    Kristallnacht                                                                       

vii    Father versus Son

viii   Saving the Farm

ix   The Death of Professor Feise,  Nazi grip tightens

x   Battle of the Races              

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